As a professional demolition contractor I get asked the question often, “How do you know when you should do a partial or complete demolition versus repurposing and remodeling for new use?” The answer is a bit gray. It can be based on personal preference and budget. But I would take special consideration to the following four factors when deciding to take on a dilapidated and old building remodel or just get the demolition company out to tear it all down. Let’s unpack these…

1. What’s Its New Use

What will the new building or property be used for? Sometimes a building outlives its original purpose. That does not necessarily mean demolition is the answer. There are a lot of repurposed buildings built over 100 years ago that have been given a second lease on life. If the structure has good bones, it can serve a new purpose. Take a look at old factory buildings for example. They no longer serve their original intended purpose. These buildings have stood the test of time though and now you see them getting a new lease on life as retail and consumer use facilities. With a little creativity and the right team you can turn a dilapidated structure into a thriving new neighborhood and still have a bit of history to go with it.

When considering the fate of a building, careful assessment of its future use becomes paramount. While the original purpose of a structure may wane over time, outright demolition should not be hastily pursued as the solution. Numerous examples abound of repurposed edifices, constructed over a century ago, that have been successfully repurposed, remodeled, and revitalized. A building possessing a solid foundation and structural integrity can be endowed with fresh significance. Notably, aged factory buildings, now divested of their initial function, stand resilient as exemplars of adaptive reuse, transitioning into vibrant retail, restaurants, and other consumer-oriented establishments. With the fusion of inventive ideation and a proficient team, a dilapidated structure can undergo a remarkable remodel, fostering a thriving new neighborhood while cherishing its historical legacy.

Our demolition company in Granbury, Texas has been called in to collaborate on many projects similar to the aforementioned. Next time you’re around or near Hood County, take some time to peruse the historic Granbury Square. The entire area is a testament to different repurposing jobs and some complete demolition projects. This is a great example where the community is adamant about preserving historical legacy, while doing what’s safest and best for the economic development of the area.

View of a Wannco Services demolition contractor truck parked in front of a historic building in the Granbury Square in Granbury, Texas. The building has a dump truck in front for demolition scraps.

2. Roof Integrity

The next factor to consider when assessing the viability of repurposing a building or doing a complete demolition job, particular attention must be given to the condition of its roof. A compromised roof often indicates underlying structural decay, and if moisture has infiltrated the building it gives rise to a host of interior construction predicaments. From mold and rot to pest infestation and structural deterioration, these are but a few instances of the challenges posed. Hence, should the roof fail to meet stringent inspection standards, engaging the expertise of a professional demolition contractor may prove to be a prudent course of action.

3. Solid Foundation

The foundation serves as the cornerstone of any structure, providing the fundamental support upon which everything else relies. A meticulous examination should be conducted to identify signs of concern such as cracks, upheavals, or depressions. A compromised foundation jeopardizes the stability of the entire superstructure, leaving it vulnerable to shifting and settling, thus potentially causing extensive damage. In instances where foundation integrity is compromised, opting for a complete demolition becomes the ideal choice. In these instances, hire a professional demolition company remove the compromised foundation and have them build a foundation to ensure the long-term stability and resilience of the building or structure.

4. Structural framework

The last key factor that you should take into consideration when you are trying to decide if you want to take on a building as a repurpose project or just completely demolish the structure is structural framework. A thorough evaluation of the structural framework is essential in this decision. Indicators such as cracks in walls, malfunctioning doors and windows, as well as uneven and misaligned walls, serve as telltale signs of substandard framing. Furthermore, the presence of fire damage in the attic and evidence of termite infestation should be diligently examined. Should any of these issues arise, it is prudent to conclude that the structure may not warrant the investment of remodeling efforts and it could be time to search demolition contractor near me into that Google search bar.

A dilapidated home Wannco Services in Granbury, TX is preparing for demolition.

As a demolition contractor in Granbury, TX for almost three decades, Wannco Services has witnessed just how costly it is to remodel old, dilapidated buildings. Often, customers regret not doing a complete home demolition or building demolition once the hidden challenges and issues lurking out of sight begin to surface. It can become more costly than doing a complete demolition. Remodels require interior demolition to be done by hand which becomes costly. Therefore, if any of the above issues arise, from roof to foundation, I always recommend to my clients that they demolish the entire structure and foundation to start new. While this may sound rather drastic in certain scenarios, from experience, it almost always saves you money and a lot of frustration.

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