At Wannco Services, we believe in transforming adversity into opportunity. Recently, we had the privilege of being entrusted as the demolition contractor with a significant demolition project in Granbury, TX on Kinson Street. This particular endeavor held immense significance as it involved a home that had been devastated by a house fire, leaving it in a state of complete loss. As a trusted demolition contractor, we embraced the challenge of removing the remnants of the fire-ravaged structure, paving the way for new beginnings and a brighter future for the homeowners.

Watch the 20 second video overview of a Granbury home demolition project Wannco Services, demolition contractor, completed for a residential property on Kinson Street following a devastating house fire.

Demolition With Empathy & Compassion

When we arrived at the site, the gravity of the situation was apparent. Between the burn damage from the fire and the expansive smoke damage, the house was a total loss. The aftermath of the house fire was extensive. Our team understood the importance of handling the project with sensitivity, providing both professional expertise and compassionate support.

Aerial view of the home on Kinson Street in Granbury, TX that was devastated by a house fire before Wannco Services demolished the structure. It shows the hole in the roof from the fire damage.

Prepare & Plan Properly

With meticulous planning and a focus on safety, we embarked on the complete home demolition project. Our skilled crew, equipped with necessary heavy equipment machinery and years of experience, worked diligently to dismantle the remnants of the house. Careful consideration was given to debris removal and proper disposal, ensuring adherence to local regulations and environmental best practices. Our team prepared the home for the full demolition by removing materials like brick first. We take any materials that can be potentially reused or recycled before embarking on the tear down.

Granbury Community Support

Throughout the project, we witnessed the resilience and spirit of the Granbury community. Neighbors rallied together, offering support and encouragement to the homeowners. Hood County News had even reported that there was a fund set up to help the displaced family with the First National Bank of Granbury. We were inspired by their unwavering strength and commitment to rebuilding.

Midway through Wannco Services home demolition project in Granbury, TX for a home destroyed by a house fire. An excavator is beginning to tear down the wood and walls after the brick material was removed for reuse.

While the demolition marked the end of an era for the homeowners, it also signaled a fresh start. Wannco Services demolition team makes sure each demolition project is left completely cleared, cleaned, and ready for the next stage of reconstruction and renewal. Wannco Services takes pride in contributing to this process, offering our expertise and services to help bring the vision and next phase of the property to life.

Demolition Projects + Hope

The complete home demolition project on Kinson Street in Granbury, TX, was not just about removing a fire-damaged structure; it was about restoring hope and providing the foundation for new beginnings. Wannco Services was honored to play a role in this transformation, offering our demolition expertise and support to the homeowners during a challenging time. As a family-owned business, we understand the significance of home and community. For over 25 years Wannco Services has remained committed to serving Granbury and the surrounding Fort Worth metroplex with integrity, compassion, and excellence.

If you have any demolition, excavation, site clearing, or dumpster rental needs, please reach out to Wannco Services. Together, we can help clean, clear, and build a brighter community here in Hood County.

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