Most clients are great at listening and following instructions when it comes to roll away dumpster rentals. However, we do run into those who seemingly use and abuse our equipment like it’s a commodity.

Mother Nature vs Metal Roll Away Dumpster

Wannco is a small business of 25 years family owned and operated in Granbury, TX that does demolition construction and does dumpster rentals in the Fort Worth Metroplex area. We service Tarrant County as well as Hood, Somervell, Parker, and Johnson county. Our climate can range from snow to desert heat to torrential rain. So following the instructions helps businesses like ours mitigate the damage that can happen to a metal dumpster container when improperly utilized and left in the elements for extended periods of time.

Extended Rental Fees

You’ll notice that many roll-off dumpster rental businesses have fees when a dumpster is going to sit idle for longer than a few days. Most dumpster rental contracts are for 7 days, max 14 before those fees kick in. Below you’ll see images that are the reason for those fees.

Moisture + Metal

Especially in the Fort Worth area, our roll-away dumpster containers can easily become a holding place for moisture. When a container is full of debris and there is rain, the water takes the path of least resistance, often settling on the bottom. Then the debris restricts the water from becoming fully evaporated by the sun, leaving it sitting, and then causing it to rust out of the container if it is not addressed in a timely manner.

As you can see below this is the progression of our team repairing one of our dumpster rentals container that was rented in the Fort Worth area and sat full for an extended period of time. The damage can be devastating.

Additionally, we are a small business, as many are. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. A part of that effort is our image to our customers. Having damaged, rusted-out equipment our customers pay to use is not the image we want to portray. We hold our brand to a higher standard. The care and maintenance of our equipment is pivotal.