For many people, a roll-away dumpster rental is not an everyday occurrence. It is usually associated with a big project or clean-up. Unless you are in a business that requires big demolition services this may be your first time renting a dumpster. It’s important to have some guidelines on what to do and what not to do when you need a roll-off dumpster rental for your project. We put together a list of just that, the dos and don’ts of roll-away dumpster rentals to help you out.

The Do’s

  1. Provide Notice
    If you know you are going to need a dumpster for your project, plan to give the dumpster rental company notice to prepare and organize the logistics of the unit. By planning your dumpster delivery a week or two out you can be certain that there will be the availability of the size you are going to need.
  2. Place on Level Hard Surface
    It’s important to have a level hard surface for your dumpster. This will ensure proper drainage of rainwater. Sitting water can attract mosquitoes and cause foul smells. Also, this will ensure your dumpster doesn’t roll away. If the hard surface is a driveway, let your rental company know ahead of time so they can put wood or cardboard in place to prevent scratching or marking the surface.
  3. No Overhead Obstructions
    Make sure there are no overhead obstructions. Trees, power lines, cables, etc. The hoist system needs plenty of height overhead in order to operate.
  4. Load Evenly
    Try to keep the heavier items on the bottom. This will help during the transport of your dumpster.
  5. Keep Load Under The Top Rail
    Keeping your load under the top rail ensures that during transport, everything remains in the dumpster and the load can be tarped easily.
  6. Mind The Weight Limit
    Keep the load under the weight limit allowed. If you need guidance on when the weight limit has been exceeded, speak with your rental service provider. They will have a good idea based on what you are loading and how much to put in the dumpster. Big trucks have weight limits on the amount of weight permitted to haul legally. This is for safety.
  7. Shut & Latch When Complete
    Make sure when you have finished loading and you are ready for pick up that you shut and latch the door to the dumpster. Make sure safety chains and pins are properly applied. This will keep the load in the dumpster when the driver lifts the dumpster. Your service provider should provide you with the right instructions and will double-check everything for you for safety.

The Don’ts

  1. Uneven or Sloped Areas
    Don’t have the dumpster placed on an uneven or sloped area. This will make it harder to load the dumpster. Also, it will be difficult to pick the dumpster up once loaded. If you have concerns with the placement of your dumpster, be sure to alert your dumpster rental provider to get the best professional opinion on how to avoid any issues upon delivery.
  2. Moving The Dumpster
    NEVER move the dumpster. Once the dumpster is set you should never move it without calling your dumpster rental service provider. Most of the time this causes damage to the dumpster. This is why it is important to communicate with your dumpster rental service provider on the needed location and any potential concerns. Always let your service provider move any dumpster that is delivered to you. While companies do charge a fee for moving it, I assure you it is much cheaper than a repair bill. Many times if you are in communication about any issues, a good service provider will work with you to make sure you have everything you need.
  3. Uneven Loading
    If the load is uneven, to one side or to the front or rear of the container, it can be dangerous to haul. Roll-off dumpsters sit high on their trucks, so balance is critical. Turning and stopping can be greatly affected if the load is not balanced in the dumpster. If you are not comfortable about loading your dumpster correctly, please communicate concerns with the hired company to ensure safe loading. They usually can advise you on any issues.
  4. Over Stacking
    Do not stack anything over the top rail of the dumpster. Things can bounce off of the truck while traveling. This is extremely dangerous for traffic on the roads. Also, this litters roadways and can be a cause for a citation of unsecured loads. True story, our company, Wannco, once had a situation out in Benbrook, Texas where we received a citation for one single plastic bag that made it’s way out of the truck and on to the highway. Don’t Mess With Texas!
  5. Don’t Wait
    Just as noted in the Do’s, plan ahead. You will have a better overall experience if you plan ahead and reserve the dumpster rental you need. This will ensure you can have access to the right size and price for your project.

When you are hiring any type of construction service need, whether it is for dumpster rental or anything else, communication is important. Speak up about concerns and any foreseen issues. A good quality company that values its customers will be more than willing to help you and make you feel comfortable so you have a good experience. Always trust your instincts and be comfortable with any type of construction service company you hire.

For any roll-away dumpster rental service needs in Hood, Somervell, Erath, Palo Pinto, Parker, Johnson, Tarrant, and Dallas County, Texas we are here you help!

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